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Documentation and Media

Supporting Documentation

Every year the Sussex Ornithological Society and other bird watchers report their sightings on the Estate.  We then create a master list which comprises XX species.  Red and Amber list birds (species of conservation concern) are highlighted.

Graeme Lyons – Graeme is a well known Sussex based ecologist who specialises in a BioBlitz – an intensive snap shot of every species found in a series of visits at key points in the year.  Graeme’s report can be found here, with an update due in 2024 and 2027.

View Graeme's blog:

The Lyons Share.

East Sussex Biodiversity record centre records species found across the county.

A report of our carbon baseline to highlight future reductions through improved carbon management.

The P.E.A sets out baseline information and background to The Iford Biodiversity Project.

Downloadable Brochure explaining the project.

Media Coverage

See what other people are saying about the Iford Estate.