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BNG For Small Sites


BNG For Small Developers and Landowners

From 1st April 2024 BNG will apply to all small sites, albeit with a simplified process when compared to larger sites.  Iford Biodiversity Project can offer small developers and landowners  guidance to help  you navigate through the complexities of the legislation, and providing the necessary Biodiversity Offsets to enable your project to proceed. We aim to provide a simple cost effective solution for your needs.

What is a Small Site?



Small Site


Here you can find a simplified version of the Biodiversity Metric that is available for small sites, designed to be completed by a competent person.

Small Sites Metric


How Iford Biodiversity

Project can help

If you have completed your Small Sites Metric and have a shortfall in units you will need to purchase them from a offset provider such as Iford Biodiversity Project.  If you know what you need to purchase please complete this form and we can provide a quote.

If you need assistance please contact us and we provide advice and help point you in the right direction to navigate the process



What Does a

BNG unit cost?

If you choose to offset your Biodiversity Impact rather than provide compensation onsite then the provider of that offset is agreeing to create and maintain that habitat for a minimum of 30 years, as well as monitoring the progress of the habitat creation. 


This process comes at considerable expense, but may well be cheaper than doing the same thing on the development site, where you will need to secure contractors to manage the biodiversity and enter potentially expensive legal agreements with your local authority. 

Iford Biodiversity Project provides a complete package with a one off fee covering all of the above.  Unlike some BNG providers we can provide a fraction of a unit, rather than whole units only.  Depending on the quantity and type of unit required (grassland hedgerow etc) our prices are in the range of £35,000 - £55,000 per unit.


About Iford

Biodiversity Project

Iford Biodiversity Project is a leading provider of Biodiversity Net Gain, having been involved in the development of policy and guidance for over 3 years.  A unique arrangement with South Downs National Park ensures that our BNG units are monitored for compliance and gives you the confidence that your investment in BNG will provide a lasting habitat creation in a unique part of South East England.  Lots more information can be found here.

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