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Biodiversity Net Gain Units for Sale in Sussex


BNG Credits For Sale

In The South East

Iford Estate has been involved with the provision of BNG units for sale since 2020 and we believe we are one of the most advanced biodiversity projects in the South East.​ Our initial habitat bank is secured via a s106 agreement with the South Downs National Park (SDNP) and the agreement is designed to allow further phases to be easily added as the need arises.  As a consequence we are able to react to your needs very quickly, and in some cases can offer a next day service for urgent requirements.  


Although we are based in Sussex the nature of BNG means that we can offer units to developers of all sizes across Sussex and the wider South East including Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London. We have committed to biodiversity restoration across the Iford Estate and will be able to offer up to 3000 BNG credits consisting of a range of habitats to suit your project ranging from grassland, scrub, woodland, wetland and hedgerow units. Contact us today to find out more.


​We have heads of terms and a variety of agreement types available to send immediately and are happy to discuss your requirements, big or small, for BNG units for sale in Sussex and beyond.



Biodiversity Net Gain

Planning & Assessment

As one of the leading BNG projects in the South East, we’re keen to work with like-minded developers and consultants of all sizes who share our values and vision. All projects are different and some can be complex regarding habitat loss and planning requirements from different local authorities and stakeholders. We’re on hand to provide biodiversity net gain guidance to those who need it.


We can work with you to help understand your project’s specific BNG requirements and advise on the best approach for buying your BNG units to hit your biodiversity metrics. As a local, Sussex enterprise, we’re keen to work with local organisations to help maximise your investment and improve the biodiversity of the local area. 


We have heads of terms available to send to prospective partners right away and would love to discuss your biodiversity net gain planning with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Why Choose Iford to

Purchase Your BNG Units From?

If you want to make a difference to biodiversity rather than just tick the box to say you’ve done it then you need to be looking for a site that offers true landscape scale BNG creation.  The Lawton Report emphasised the need for a bigger, better, more joined up approach to habitat creation and restoration, and we believe we are by far the biggest BNG offset site in the South East, and among the biggest in the UK.  We have a landscape led vision, and have verified our plans with landscape appraisals, hydrology assessments and extensive engagement with all stakeholders, including LPAs, the South Downs National Park and others


If you’re a developer or organisation in the South East, we’re perfectly placed in the heart of Sussex to work with you. Choosing a BNG unit provider close to your development not only makes it more convenient to work alongside, but it’s also easier to match habitat types and hit your various BNG metrics. What’s more, developers are incentivised to buy BNG units as close as possible to the site of their project, with prices increasing with distance.




We Cover

Locality is key with the sale of BNG units. The closer they are to your development, the more valuable they are to you. We’re based in Sussex but we work with developers and organisations from East and West Sussex and across the South East including Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London.

The Sales Process




Different clients have a range of requirements, and we’re happy to tailor our approach to suit those requirements.  In general the earlier you involve us the better, the team at Iford have years of experience working with the BNG Metric and are able to offer early advice to minimise your unit requirements.  Sharing your BNG on-site Metric is a good starting point, we can then populate the off-site requirements and generate an initial quote to work from. 




Your LPA

We have extensively engaged with all the Local Planning Authorities and ecologists, to ensure the an Iford BNG Unit is acceptable to them.  Our strategic partnership with the South Downs National Park also enables them to provide reassurance on an officer to officer level.  Different LPAs currently have different requirements (planning condition, s106 etc), and we can work with those requirements to ensure an off-set at Iford works for all parties.




Our land is secured by s106 agreement with The South Downs National Park Authority, and they are responsible for monitoring and reporting on the habitat creation.  Alongside the s106 is an “Allocation Agreement” which allocates the required units from the habitat bank to your development.  We will then register these on the BNG Register when it is launched by DEFRA.



How Much Do

Biodiversity Credits Cost?

As BNG can be a complex process, we recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your plans and pricing. We’ll be able to work with you and your team to create a solution that works best for your project and its requirements.


How Are Biodiversity

Net Gain Units calculated?

BNG units are calculated using the biodiversity metric, a DEFRA designed template, which assesses a specific area’s habitat features to determine a biodiversity value, measured in BNG Units. This metric is used to assess the biodiversity unit value of an area of land, consistently demonstrate biodiversity gains or losses, measure and account for direct impacts on biodiversity (such as construction), and to compare proposals for a site for example, whether creating or enhancing habitat on-site or off-site is the best approach. The metric takes into account the type of habitat, its size, what condition it is in, and where it is located.



How Do You

Measure BNG?

BNG is measured using the BNG metric. This allows different places to be compared with accurate measurements and to be used with confidence as part of BNG planning.

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